Monday, September 27, 2010


We have found a fantastic place for playdates with friends.  Peek-a-boo is amazing for any kids ages 7 months-probably 7 years old.  They have a really comfortable sitting area for the adults and the kids literally just go play and have a blast!  Here are some pictures of our first adventure at Peek-a-Boo. 
Wow, I really get to play with this?

He was into everything.

Stomping his feet with excitement

Shrieking at a random little girl.  Nice move son.

Our Playdate Friends (the Zwart and Madison Kiddos)

Reese adores Sydney

He gets so excited when he sees her.

Looking at Syndey

Does it get any cuter?

Always on the Move

Reese rarely sits still these days.  He is crawling super fast and is pulling up on everything.  He really likes to have something in his hand when he pulls up on something so he can bang it on our coffee table or whatever he pulls up on.  He also has been wearing his first pair of tennis shoes lately.

headed to get Mommy

Ready to play

On the move


aw shucks!

I love his two bottom teeth!

screaming with excitement

Aw shucks, I dropped it again.

Silly me!

Maybe if I take my pants off, I can play better!

World's Best Daddy

I knew Rich (my husband) was going to be an amazing father, but he has completely blown my expectations away.  He truly adores Reese, and always tells him how proud he is of him and how much he loves him.  Since I stopped breast-feeding (when Reese turned 9 months), Rich gets up every morning at around 5, makes Reese his bottle, and feeds him for me so that I can sleep.  He washes all of the bottles most of the time for us, packs his bag in the mornings so I can get ready for work, gets Reese ready for school, and takes him all the way to Hendersonville to Aunt Beth's.  I hardly ever have to ask for his help with Reese.  He truly wants to be as involved as possible.  When Rich gets home from work, he always plays with Reese while I get dinner ready.  Reese adores his Da-da and lights up when he sees Rich come home from work.  I don't know how I got so lucky with my two boys, but I am so thankful for them.  Here are some precious pictures of my two boys.
Daddy reading a book to Reese

Reese kissing the babies in the book.

Playing Playstation with Daddy.

"Hey mommy, we're having so much fun!"

Sweet boy.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

8 Months

Reese turned 8 months on July 10, 2010.  Here are some random (and I do mean random) facts about Reese at 8 months.  Of course, I added his 8 month pictures.

  • TWO of his bottom teeth broke through.
  • He is still wearing a size 3 diaper.
  • He is eating stage 2 foods. 
  • His favorite toy is a musical toy with drums, piano, a musical book, flute, etc that he stands up and plays.  He literally will play it for an hour and until his legs start shaking. 
  • He is getting down easily from standing up.
  • He is saying "Da-da (a ton), and Ma-ma (when he is really upset and wants his Mommy).
  • He is on summer vacation with Mommy and does tons of swimming/playing/reading.
  • He still loves for his mommy to read to him.
  • The paper does not stay there long before he picks it up.
    He is a very serious explorer.  I can already tell that he is a serious thinker.
    He has found his sock monkey and pets it.
    Now that he is mobile, he likes to be down on the ground.
    He's a climber.

4th of July Weekend

Yes, I am just now to July (and it is September).  Like I said, I have a LOT of catching up to do.  The truth is that we just got a new laptop so it has motivated me to get the blog all caught up.  For the 4th weekend, we went to KY to visit family.  We had only been to see Rich's family once since Reese was born so it was time for a trip.  Traveling with a baby is much harder than I thought.  He was great for the trip though.  Here are some pictures of our trip.

Reese and his Aunt Debbie playing with one of his favorite toys... a red cup.

Aunt Mona, Reese, and Nanny Hall

Logan loving on Reese

Uncle George and his boys.

His 4th of July outfit-navy blue shorts with American flags all over them, and an "All American Boy" t-shirt.  I am THAT mom that dresses my child up for Holidays.

It was HOT.

Reese with his Aunt Mona and Aunt Debbie

He LOVES to swim!  He splashes non-stop and kicks his feet the entire time.

Swimming with his ducks.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Get me outta here!

During month 7, Rich and I heard lots of commotion going on in the nursery.  When we walked in we saw Reese standing up in his crib!  He was so proud of himself.  He also started wearing shoes regularly during Month 7.

I did it!
Sweet little feet

Vacation 2010

We usually go to the beach for vacation, but the oil spill had us a little afraid to spend money on a condo and not get to use the beach.  Oh and the fear of Reese screaming in his car seat for 10 hours also helped in our decision.  We decided to go to Center Hill lake for 2 days to visit my grandmother and go out on my uncle's pontoon boat.  Then we went to Gatlinburg for 4 days.  It was a wonderful vacation!  Reese did scream for the 2 hours from my grandmother's house to Gatlinburg... the entire time.  It was great to just get to spend time with my boys (and the Outlets Mall in G'burg was amazing).

Reese and Mawmaw (my grandmother)

Trying to attack the dog.
Finding the water and food bowls. 

We went to Penn Station in Knoxville on our way to Gatlinburg.

At the Old Mill after breakfast.

The aquarium.

He loved the fish!

My baby boy.

I think he would have watched the fish forever.

Banging on the glass.

My little family

After eating the BEST meal ever at Cherokee Grill.

Worn out from vacation.