Thursday, September 3, 2009

7 months!

I couldn't get this post to seperate into paragraphs so get ready for one big paragraph filled with random information! We had our 28 week ultrasound and appointment on Monday, and we have one healthy baby boy on our hands. The good news is that my placenta (I had placenta previa) moved 7 cm! It is completely out of the way! The bad news is that he is breached:( The only issue with a baby being breached is that we may still have to have a C-Section, and it makes me feel like my ribs are going to explode at any second. His head is buried in my ribs and everytime he kicks, he just head butts my right rib cage. The outside of my stomach is now bruised. Dr. Wingo said that he would do some more ultrasounds when we get closer to delivery time, and that our baby boy would more than likely turn. My mom got to come with us to this ultrasound, and she loved getting to see her grandson and hear his heartbeat. I never could get tired of hearing his heartbeat! We did have to go to the hospital last Wednesday because I hadn't felt him move in over 24 hours and my left foot swelled up to an enormous size. He was on some bloodvessel and has since moved and everything is still fine. Our nursery is coming right along. It is just the way that I wanted it. We went with blues, silvers, and creams and I love it so far. The furniture is now moved in and painted, and my dad took me to pick up my chair this week. I just have to get our bedding and everything will be finished. I LOVE how it turned out. Pictures will be up soon so that you guys can see his chateau! We have YET to figure out a name for our little man. Wyatt William Hall, Cruz William Hall, Everette William Hall, and Ryder William Hall are some of the ones we are thinking about. I just hope we name him by the time he gets here! My shower is scheduled for September 20th. We are officially registerd at Babies R Us and Dillards! Thank you to my mom who went and spent 4 and a half hours at Babies R Us with me to register. Gail Davis, Rosemary White, Tammy, and my Aunt Jamie are throwing the shower for me. I am so thankful for all of them and everything they are doing to make it so special for me. Also, thank you to my sister in law, Beth, who took our maternity pictures for us! I'll post them as soon as we get them back. She did such a great job! I am absolutely nesting. I have cleaned out every closet, cabinet, Rich has cleaned the carpets, we've cleaned out our garage, and I'm now starting to hang my son's clothes in his own closet! I am decorating for Christmas early this year (at the end of October) so that we don't have to do anything in November! Oh, my official due date is now November 28, 2009! It has been anywhere from mid-November to late November, and now it is officially the 28th! It was a little all over the place due to us getting pregnant RIGHT after my D & C from the twins. The twins due date was August 27th. It was a little emotional, but went ok. We are so excited to meet our little man! I LOVE being pregnant (other than the first 3 months). I have tried to enjoy every second of this pregnancy and every little kick I get to feel. The kicks are getting stronger and stronger, and I can now see body parts in my belly. We have our labor and delivery classes scheduled for mid-September and our breastfeeding class in October. I can't believe I will be holding my son in no more than 3 months from now. I am loving the fall weather, and football season officially began tonight! Life is pretty amazing! Here are some recent pictures.
Loving having a baby bump!

He kept sucking on his little hand. She couldn't get a great 3D picture because he was snuggled up so much in my ribs. I think he is going to be a snuggler because at our last ultrasound, he was doing the exact same thing!

Another head shot. I think he has his Daddy's nose!

Rich had her MAKE SURE that it was a boy for the third time now! To say he is excited to be having a boy would be an understatement.

I can actually feel his hand sometimes when he puts it up by his head. He kept playing with his ear during the ultrasound.

Still playing with his ear.

Trying to grab his ear.

Hi Mom!

The End!