Monday, April 5, 2010

4 Months

Reese turned 4 months on March 10, 2010. Here are some things that are going on with Reese at 4 months:
- You are in size 3 diapers.

- You rolled over for the first time from belly to back on March 14th.

- You love to grab the toys on your bouncy seat, and you are now playing with all of your rattles and stuffed animals.

- You are almost sleeping through the night. You go to bed at 7:30, wake up at 2:15 to eat, and sleep till 6 am.

- You still sleep on your tummy.

- Weight = 12 lbs. 12 oz

- Height = 24 inches

- You have started rice cereal mixed with your mommy's milk. You are still nursing all the time.

- can grab and hold onto your feet

- either suck your thumb or two fingers all the time

- starting to teeth

- had your first flu (terrible experience)!

- Mommy can make you laugh so hard that she gives you the hiccups.

- can almost sit up by yourself

- you've started "scooting" when we put you on your belly.

- you have started crying when we put you in your car seat and arch your back

- starting to grab the books when Mommy reads to you.

- You still love to sleep on your Daddy's chest and grab his chin when he talks to you.

You still don't like it when Mommy puts him down for a photo session.

You quickly get happy though

Such a sweet, happy boy!

You are babbling away these days

That's all folks...

3 Months

Reese turned three months on February 10, 2010. Here are some things he was doing at 3 months:
- Wearing a size 2 diaper
- He's still in 6 month onesies, and has now moved up to 3-6 month pants/shorts.
- He is almost rolling over.
- He is still nursing only.
- Loves it when Mommy reads to him.
- Starting to sleep better at night
- Laughing and smiling all the time
- LOVES to stand
- Holding his head up and looking around
- Likes his carseat as long as we are moving.

Sweet face

Trying to talk

Those precious feet

Sleeping on his Uncle Justin

Enjoying his Bumbo SeatBeginning to hold his own bottleWhen he had the flu. He loves "lamb chops"
Sucking his two fingers
happy boy

I'm Alive!!!

I have decided that I am officially a "binge blogger." I have tried to only allow myself to get onto facebook about 30 min/day so that I can spend more time with my precious boys. I think technology can sometimes be too addicting so I have tried to take a small technology break. Facebook seems to be the easiest way for our friends/family that live out to town to keep up with Reese. I'll usually upload a few pictures at a time and then go play with Reese while they upload. I am trying to ensure that my blogging/facebook does not take time away from my boys so I usually wait until they are both asleep to blog. I started back to work when Reese was 14 weeks old so I have been waking up at 5:15 every morning to get ready and feed Reese while I'm putting on my makeup. I thought being a stay at home mom was busy. Being a working mom is a whole new level of busy! Not even a comparison. Since I wake up at 5:15, I usually go to bed with the boys these days instead of night owling like I used to. Work is going great! The first two weeks were hard to get adjusted to a new schedule for us and getting into a rythym of packing us all, but the schedule has been great for us. I enjoy getting to teach with my friends, and still be home everyday by 2:45 with my baby boy. I'm on a two week Spring Break right now and will be on my summer break in 8 weeks. Not a bad deal. I thought that I would only want to work until we have our 2nd child, but being able to choose ANY school in Sumner County PLUS pick Reese's teachers is a pretty good reason to keep teaching. If I had a terrible schedule, I couldn't do it, but my schedule is perfect. Reese and I are leaving tomorrow for Daniel Island, SC to go visit my aunt with my mom. I can not wait to have a small vacation! Get ready for a "blog roll." I've been keeping notes on what all is going on with Reese so I am going to try to do a few blogs tonight before we leave.