Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Hungry Beast

I came home from work the other day to let my sweet puppy Bentley out to take him for a walk. I walked upstairs to find this! This is the THIRD bed that he has eaten so now he is stuck with a towel. Ahhh the life with a puppy. I still wouldn't trade him for the world!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Kentucky vs Vandy Game.

Our brother-in-law, Aaron, is a season ticket holder for Vandy for basketball and football. He was so kind to GIVE Rich the KY/Vandy tickets for his birthday. I met Rich at his office at 5:30. I surprised him by wearing UK gear. I am a UT fan, but I root for UK if they are not playing UT. I usually don't wear KY stuff though. I feel too much like a traitor! This is Rich as soon as I saw him at his office. He's excited. I think he may be a little shocked that I'm wearing KY stuff.

Once we got all settled in his car we headed straight to Rotiers. This is a hole in the wall burger joint downtown that is INCREDIBLE. They have the best cheeseburgers that I have ever put to my mouth. They come on french bread and are so good. We also always get their cheesesticks. This is one of our special secret getaway places that we LOVE! Here is a picture of us at Rotiers. We had to sit at the bar because it was PACKED!

Warming up! Maybe they should have warmed up a little longer considering they were completely discombobulated during the game.

Here are a few of us right before the game started! It was a great night even though KY got masaquered!

Red Velvet Cake Balls!

For our Valentine's party at school I made these red velvet cake balls. They were pretty good. A little rich for me, but they were good. You can use any kind of cake mixture for these and any icing. Being the southern gal that I am, I decided to use Red Velvet cake and cream cheese icing. I got this recipe from Kelly Stamp's blog. Here is all that you need for these:

All you do is bake the cake mix according to the directions on the back of the box. When it's still warm crumble it up in a bowl and mix in the frosting. IMPORTANT: Refridgerate the cake and frosting for about an hour before you start making the balls.

I just used an icecream scoop to scoop out the balls and my hands to shape them a little. Melt almond bark (either vanilla or chocolate-depending on your cake) and dip balls in the bark. I used tongs to dip them. Kelly used an egg seperator, and it seemed to work a little better.

Voila... A yummy and EASY dessert. This is good for parties, potlucks, etc. My first graders LOVED THEM!