Monday, January 4, 2010

Look who has been doing some growing!

Yes, we're all still here, but I have let my blog take a back seat to Reese. While I have tried to at least keep pictures updated on facebook, I felt it was more important to be with Reese and give him all the attention I could. Tonight he went to bed with Daddy so that I could finally update our blog. Reese has accomplished SO much in the past 7 weeks. He is now holding his head up for long periods of time, smiling, and he follows us with his eyes. His favorite thing to stare at is our Christmas tree lights. He really loves the ones at Nana and Gramp's house because they have lights that fade in and out. He still loves playing with his hands, and he has just started to ooh and cooh. You can tell that he is dying to say something! He is finally fitting into some of his 0-3 month clothes. He is long and lean so his pants are HUGE in the belly, but are basically capris on him because his legs are so long. He must get those long legs from his mommy (kidding!). Reese was dedicated on Christmas Eve at our candlelight service at church. It was such a special night for us. We spent Christmas day in Smithville eating lots of food and spending time with family. This Wednesday will be Reese's first night in the nursery at church. I can't wait to get to go into a church service! Here are a few pictures of our sweet boy.

1 week old (11-17-2009)

TWO weeks old (11-24-2009)

I got wiser and started making signs. Reese was 3 weeks old on 12-1-2009 (two pictures because I couldn't decide)

Hooray!, I'm ONE month old! (12-10-2009)

Our Family

My first time to meet my great grandmother and my first Thanksgiving

My first date with mommy

Dedication Service (12-24-2009)

Our first Christmas