Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Special Day

Today we celebrate the birth of one of the most amazing people to ever grace the planet, my husband! I could go on and on about how wonderful he is, but I will try not to bore you all with that. I am so lucky to have Rich as my husband, and I adore every part of who he is. So, I'm officially giving a "shout out" to the best husband and best looking man on the planet for his birthday! I hope you had a wonderful birthday (even though KY lost). I love you more than I could ever even try to put into words.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today we decided to sleep in as long as possible (10:30) then we went to the dog park with Bentley for a while. We took him home and went to Cracker Barrel. Every Saturday we go to Cracker Barrel because lima beans are their vegtable of the day and theirs are my favorite! I also LOVE having a warm cup of coffee from Cracker Barrel on Saturdays! We came home planning to go out to dinner at Maggiano's tonight, but decided we both would rather just stay home and crawl back into bed and watch LOST and Entourage all night. I took an hour long bath (magnificent), put on my pajamas, and we have been relaxing since. I am so thankful for our marraige and for not having to get out into the crowded restauraunts and fight for a table. I couldn't think of a better way to spend our Valentine's night! I'm sure when we get hungry we will run out looking like a mess and eat! Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Family Day at the Park

We decided on Sunday that we would take Bentley to Moss Wright Park. I wanted to try out my new camera, and we wanted to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. So we went for 3 hours. We walked him for a LONG time and then at the end of our walk, we found out that they had a "dog park." It is a large fenced in area where you can take you dogs off of their leashes and let them play with other dogs. We were a little nervous about how Bentley would behave. This was not only his first experience without a leash, but his first experience with other dogs. We NEVER let him off the leash unless we are in our house because he is deaf and can't hear us yell for him. He LOVED the dog park and so did we! It was so funny to watch him. He was a little tired from walking so much, but he enjoyed it. Here are some pictures from our walk and day at the dog park.
Bentley playing with his new friends (look how dirty he got)

He scared this girl to death when he jumped up on the table!

Sweet babyPlaying in the leaves

Worn out from his day at the park.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A New Blog

I have decided to start a "thankfulness blog." Everyday (well hopefully) I will write about the things that I am thankful for that day. I will still keep this blog just to update periodically about what all is going on in our lives.

Here is the link to my new blog:


Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Camera!

Rich and I decided to venture out to Circuit City since we had heard that they were having MAJOR sales on everything since they are closing. Can you guys believe that Circuit City is closing? We had decided that we needed a camera since ours had completely broken. We went in thinking that we would just get a cheap, get us by camera. I had been wanting a professional camera for a while, but did not want to spend the money on one. Well, we walked in and all of the cameras were marked down. We saved a ton of money and got an incredible camera! We got the Canon Rebel XSi, and I LOVE it. Bentley had a small photo session tonight. I'll try to start uploading pics to the blog when we get our external hard drive hooked up to the lap top. Oh we also got the external hard drive for a great price and an ihome for my ipod. The Halls are moving up in the world of technology!!! Also, Rich had mentioned that he couldn't leave a comment on my blogs the other day. Problem should be solved so feel free to comment away!