Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Thanksgiving Rundown

I only had to work on Monday and Tuesday of this week so as you can imagine Thanksgiving week has been GREAT. Tuesday night we went to P.F. Changs to celebrate my birthday with Pastor Bobby and Toyia and the kids. It was sooooo good. Wednesday I went to eat lunch with Rich at Viddles by his office. We started the stretching of the stomach process early at their buffet. Then we went and ate at my parent's house for dinner that night and got to see my cousin Jim. Thursday morning we left for Smithville to go stay with my grandmother. Thanksgiving day consisted of eating and spending time with my family. Who could ask for more? Friday we came home and picked up Bentley from the animal clinic that we boarded him at. Just as a side note... we boarded Bentley for the first and hopefully last time over Thanksgiving weekend so we could spend the night with mawmaw. When we saw him, he ran so fast into my legs that he knocked me down. Friday we went to eat at the Olive Garden and went to go see Four Christmases. The movie was a let down, but the food was great. We should have stuck with the plan and gone to see the new James Bond movie, but didn't think we could go wrong with Vince Vaughn. We were wrong. Saturday consisted of decorating for Christmas, eating at Chilis, going to Target, and watching UT beat Kentucky (my favorite game every year). Oh and I also spent 4 hours setting up a blog (puke). Tomorrow we are going to Greenhills mall so we can use my gift card to the Cheesecake Factory and to finish, that's right FINISH our Christmas shopping. It has been such a great weekend mainly because we got to spend so much time together and with my family, and we spoiled ourselves with the best food you could ask for. Ahh... what a life!

Here we go!

I have avoided getting involved in another internet activity that will keep me up late at night and have me wondering where the time went long enough so after lots of internal conflict I decided to start a blog. Rich has ZERO interest in having a facebook, myspace, blogs, etc. He says that keeping up with the "Cats" takes up enough of his time. I for one LOVE IT! I have enjoyed having a myspace page and facebook page and have kept up with my friends so much better by having one. Most people have a "theme" for their blogs (mostly about their babies, businesses, churches, etc), but not this girl. I figured no one would want to read a blog dedicated to my dog, Bentley. My blog will be a dedication to my internal thoughts about whatever comes to mind. It may just be keeping people updated on what we did over the weekend or it may be a "venting place" when I need it. I figure I can write whatever I want since I will not be making anyone read it. You see, you have a freedom of choice to read my opinions so please take them or leave them. I am not sure how long this whole blogging thing will last. This could be my first and last venture into the blogging world. Enjoy the ride though for however long it will last.