Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Preview

I do the Ecores and More Consignment Sale during the Fall and Spring.  At the last Fall sale, they had Halloween costumes.  I had picked him out a Pirate costume and a Scarecrow costume because they were only $3 each.  We tried them on him on Sunday, and they weren't exactly what we were going for.  The scarecrow one was a little girly, and 6 out of my 18 students were going to be Pirates.  I wanted something a little different so we found a Hulk costume.  Rich and I both LOVED the movie and thought the costume was hilarious.  Here is a sneak peak at Reese in one of his Halloween costumes.
He thought it was so funny when I showed him himself in the mirror.

Bruce Banner hat LOL

I gotta put a onesie on him when we go Trick or Treating.

Honeysuckle Hill Farms

Last weekend, we took Reese to Honeysuckle Hills Farms.  I had been there before with some of my students on a Field Trip, but the boys had not been before.  We debated on driving all the way out to Coopertown to go because we didn't know if Reese would even enjoy it.  I am so thankful that we went.  He LOVED the animals and all of the pumpkins.  It was kinda warm when we went, but it was really fun.

Someone's excited about going to the Pumpkin Patch!

Daddy and Reese at the Corn Maze

Look at that precious face!

The pigs

He let the pig snort all over his little hand.

Trying to get the goat's attention.

He was enthrawled with all of the animals.

So excited

Here comes the goat, finally.

He had no fear.  He stuck his hand immediately in the fence to pet it.

He sees the donkey

Daddy shows him first

He loved it.

He kept looking at us as if he were saying, "this is amazing.  Can you guys believe this?"

The sheep

Pumpkin Patch

His shirt says, "I love my Mummy."

Patty cake in the Pumpkin Patch

He obviously holds up his left hand and squeals when he gets excited.

My sweet family.

10 Months

I am only one month behind instead of the usual 2-3 months.  The BIG 10 month milestone was that Reese took his first step.  He took his first step on October 7th while I was on my Fall Break in our living room.  He got so excited after he did it.  I picked him up and we both screamed and danced around the living room.  He has taken lots of 1-2 steps since, but hasn't gotten past a consecutive two steps.  He is in a size 4 diaper and either size 12 months or 12-18 month clothes.  He got his two top teeth during month 10.  He is waving bye-bye and will do patty-cake.  He especially likes to do the "roll them and I roll them" part of the song with his hands.  He loves to be chased around with Mommy or Daddy crawling behind him.  His favorite food right now is a grilled cheese on wheat bread.  He starts squealing when he sees it.  I try not to let him have it very often, but he LOVES them!  Here are some pictures of our precious boy at 10 months.

Lots of toys to keep him occupied during pictures these days.
His sweet laugh

About to try to rip the sock monkey's nose off.

The paper doesn't last too long these days.

Sweet face

There are his two top teeth that broke during month 10.

Yummy paper

Oh the bottom lip comes out when Mommy or Daddy say" no."

He is such a happy boy!

Chasing Mommy
I love him so much!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Learning to Walk

Reese has been pulling up on everything and will cruise around anything and everything he can.  I can tell that the day that he is going to take off walking is coming soon.  He took his first step all by himself on October 7th (10 months old).  He hasn't taken more than one at a time without holding onto something though.  He'll take one step and then go straight to his knees.  Then he will throw up both of his hands and squeal with excitement.  He is so proud of himself.  You can tell that he wants to walk so bad, but then he realizes he can get to wherever he is going faster by crawling.  We got him a toy that he loves to hold onto and walk with.  He gets to our kitchen cabinets and realizes he can't turn it around.  He ends up ramming it over and over into the cabinets until one of us turns it around for him.  Reese brings so much joy to our lives.  It is so fun to watch him explore the world around him.

Ramming his walker into the ottoman.

Growling b/c he's stuck and can't turn it around.

Happy that Daddy is headed to the rescue.

He loves looking out the back door.

Happy boy

We call Reese "Bam Bam" because he bangs on EVERYTHING!  He usually shouts with happiness as he is banging.

This is great Mommy.

Back to banging.