Friday, February 5, 2010

Nursery Pictures

Our nursery was finished before Reese actually arrived, but I'm just now getting a chance to post pictures. The only thing that I didn't get in the nursery was his chandelier. Reese came 3 weeks early and there simply was not enough time. I have yet get it at Lowes and probably won't. I got his changing table and armoire at the flea market. The armoire was $85 and the changing table (buffet server) was $120. My dad bought us the crib. My mom's friend did our bedding. My parents gave us the ottoman, and we splurged on the glider. We stayed on budget, and still achieved our goal. Reese's room is mainly baby blues, silvers, and creams. I wanted it to be elegant, but still have a boyish feel to it.
My mom came over and helped us paint the room.

This is what it looked like before we painted

Rich doing some painting.

I was in the garage painting the changing table.Here is the before

And the after!

The armoire before

And after!

The crib before

and after!

My Dad and Rich getting the chair set up.

Finished product

The drapes

This is hanging over his changing table.

A mirror I got at the flea market that I painted.

Frames that I got and painted.

Reese's first snow

Reese's first snow was a few weeks back. We just got a little bit, but then the next week we got TONS of snow. I didn't take him out the second time, but here is a picture of us in his first snow.

TWO Months (a little late)

So I am a little late in adding Reese's two month updates. He will actually be THREE months on February 10th. Time is going by so fast, and I am making sure to take in every moment. There are times that I don't even lay him down for his nap. I just hold him. I am cherishing every second with him! Here are some things that are going on in Reese's life right now. He is in a size one diaper. He is in 3-6 month onesies and 0-3 month jeans and cacky pants. Reese is smiling all the time and giving us tons of baby talk. He gets so excited after he talks. It's almost like he is so proud of the sounds he is making. We go walk all the time with Gramps at Rivergate mall, and he loves getting wheeled around there in his stroller. He also loves watching the TV. I try not to let him watch too much of it, but he will strain to get to it. He is almost rolling over, and is holding his head up for long periods of time. He LOVES it when I give him his bath. I also put him in his bumbo seat, and he sat there for about 15 minutes the other day. He looked like such a big boy sitting there. He likes going to the nursery at church and is always very well-behaved in there. He got sick for the first time a few weeks back. He had bronchiolitis, and was so pitiful. I hated seeing him so sick. Last, but not least... He is spoiled rotten! It is our fault because we love holding him so much. We figure that one day he isn't going to want us to hold him so we are trying to savor these special moments with him. Here are Reese's two month pictures.