Tuesday, November 16, 2010

3 Days?

Did I really forget to blog 3 days in a row?  My only excuse is that it was a crazy, busy, wonderful weekend!  Anyways, today I am thankful for:
  • Almost being finished with all of my Christmas shopping.  I went shopping for 15 hours on Sunday with my friends Robin and Julia.  These two girls know how to shop!  It was so fun getting to have a day with the girls and get lots of shopping done.  We may have done a little shopping for ourselves, but we got a few things knocked off of our lists.  I am taking Rich with me on Sunday to Cool Springs to finish up getting his stuff done.  I need him to try stuff on so I can finish his shopping. 
  • Finding a paint color for our living room.  Ok, it's confession time.  The only room that I completely finished decorating in our house is Reese's nursery.  Some of our walls are still bare and white.  I finally have the decorating bug again so I'm going to do our dining room before January 1.  I just have to get my china cabinet, make my drapes, paint, and get chandelier shades for our lighting fixture (I'm making those as well).  I'm thinking about doing bead board at the bottom, but we'll see.
  • Getting to eat dinner with my Dad tonight.  Rich had to work late so I took Reese to get his first hair cut and to eat at Ricardo's with my Dad. 
  • Taking a bath with Reese.  I'm sure some people think it's gross to take a bath with your child, but it is Reese's favorite thing in the world to do.  Tonight, we got in together and just played with all of his toys.  He loved the fact that mommy was taking a bath with him.
That's all for now.  Be on the look-out for The Hulk!

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